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Grading System

For us, transparency is key.


To place real pressure on companies to support the LGBT community year-round, we need to know what their support (or lack of support) looks like now.


That's where our Company Report Cards come in.

Below, you can learn how our grading system works, how we gather information, and how you can get involved.

To see which corporations are donating to anti-LGBTQ campaigns and pro-LGBT causes and how much they're donating, check out our Company Report Card page.

Our grading system is broken down into four main components:

Each company starts with 420 points (haha, very funny).

Anti-LGBT Donations

Anti-LGBT Donations


We deduct 20 points for each sponsor of the "Don't Say Gay" bill that the company donated to between 2019 and 2022.*


Randy Maggard


Rick Roth


Melony Bell


Randy Fine


Joe Harding


Cord Byrd


Dennis Baxley


Erin Grall


Elizabeth Fetterhoff


Juan Fernandez-Barquin


Bryan Avila


Jason Fischer

*PRISM FL, Inc does not endorse or oppose any political party or candidate for public office. We do, however, oppose the funding of anti-LGBT legislation in the state of Florida.

This information is sourced from the Florida Campaigns Finance Database.

There are 21 candidates, meaning companies can lose up to 420 points from this section.

Workplace Equality

Workplace Equality

Work Gay_3x.png

We add the company's Corporate Equality Index score, a rating of workplace equity for LGBT employees compiled by the Human Rights Campaign.

For 20 years, the CEI has tracked everything from healthcare benefits to nondiscrimination protections. 1,271 participants responded in the 2022 survey.

It's on a scale from 0-100, meaning companies can get a total of 100 points for this section.

HRC Logo

Pride Month Campaigns


Pride is a protest, and that means that companies should be engaging in Pride Month in ways that actually support the LGBTQ+ community. Companies should use Pride Month to not only showcase queer people but also put their money where their mouth is and donate to organizations uplifting it.

We hunted through rainbow logos, haphazard videos, and real, quality contributions from Pride Month 2019-2022 and scored companies for each year on a scale from 0-100, resulting in a maximum of 400 possible points for this section.

Companies are scored based on the following:

Green Bag.png
Queer Rep.png
Green Megaphone.png

Did they make a statement about Pride Month?

Did they include queer representation?

If so, did they pay that queer representation?

Green Hands.png

Did they donate to LGBT organizations during Pride?

Green Money.png

Did they donate a percentage of all sales?


If they sold pride merch, did they donate a percentage those sales?

Pride Month

Year-Round Support

Gay Agenda_3x.png

But companies shouldn't just support us during Pride Month. It's important for them to #StayGay. All. Year Long.

Companies that have made major contributions to one or more LGBT organizations outside of Pride Month get 200 points. Companies that have ongoing support systems that support nonprofits in general (rather than specifically LGBT organizations) get 100 points.

Companies that have committed to regularly donating to the #StayGay Donation Pool get another 100 points, meaning companies can get a total of 300 points for this section.

In total, companies can receive up to 1220 points.

We're actively working to churn through hundreds of companies, so you're likely to see individual company scores change over the coming weeks and months. On our Company Report Card page, you can filter to only see companies we've finished scoring.

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