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What do you get when you mix Pride Month PR, exploiting LGBTQ culture, and anti-LGBTQ beneficiaries? Rainbow capitalism.


Each year during Pride Month, companies change to rainbow logos, use LGBTQ slogans, and sell rainbow merchandise. They present themselves as allies, but throughout the rest of the year, they neglect the LGBTQ community. 


"Rainbow capitalism," or "pinkwashing," is a phrase given to disingenuous, corporate Pride month campaigns. Companies want to cash in on Pride hype, so they push queer-themed products--from socks to t-shirts to phone chargers--to make easy cash grabs and profit off of LGBTQ culture.

Many of the companies that participate in rainbow capitalism do not support the community after Pride month, and some even donate to anti-LGBTQ politicians and organizations.

To see which corporations are donating to anti-LGBTQ causes and how much they're donating, check out our Company Report Card page.

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